Using Fake Postage Stamps Can Get You In Trouble!

 Using Fake Postage Stamps Can Get You In Trouble!  7/2/2024 | Staff A small commission may be earned by clicking on the links in this article.     Text: Under a black light, you can see: The (top) row glows under the black light meaning that these stamps are authentic.  The (bottom) row does not glow under the black light, this stamp is fake.  It only takes a few seconds to shine a black light over postage stamps. The rise of counterfeit postage stamps if flooding the market  and driving up the price of real postage stamps.  The current cost of one forever stamp is $0.68 with the USPS asking Congress to raise prices to $0.73, which will take effect on July 14, 2024. Detecting fake Forever Stamps in the United States can be done through several methods, ranging from simple visual checks to more technical approaches. Here are some easy ways to identify counterfeit stamps:   UV Light Detection - Genuine Stamps: Real Forever Stamps typically have security features that are

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